Private detective agency in Madrid

We collaborate with agencies of all countries in investigations to be developed in Madrid and other cities in Spain

Let us invite you to know the values on which we rely to keep improving every day as we have been doing for more than 20 years of service to our customers.

We are a private detective agency set in Madrid enabled under Law 05/2014 on Private Security (license number 654, November 1992), with guidance at national and international levels which understands the diverse business needs, and this has led us to succeed in managing cases in countries such as the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Serbia, Hungary, UK, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Malta, etc, and all throughout the Spanish country.

Our agency has been awarded by the National Police with two Honorary Mentions (April 2009 and May 2012) “in recognition of its career and the cooperation provided to the National Police.”

This global dimension is real, our customers can rely on us. To achieve our goal of constantly increasing customer satisfaction, we try to improve day by day, always at the forefront, always ahead of the competition, this is our pioneering spirit. Neither our Agency nor its staff can disappoint customers, they can be sure that we will be open and honest, we do not promise what we cannot accomplish and we will always fulfill the agreement at each service.

We are passionate about our profession, this concept conveys our nature, our enthusiasm and the push to carry out our job better than other professionals, this involves going beyond strict obligation and applying the principle of work well done. All services we offer are part of our day-to-day work and we can assure you that we possess enough experience to deal with your case without any doubts and with the best possible approach to the extent of real possibilities.

Our work consists on seeing what others can’t, on proving what others just know. Thank you very much for your confidence, we will try not to disappoint your expectations.

Main services

Background check

Our expertise is focused on obtaining the information required by the customer, the appropriate background check in Spain, the reputation of the subject and all relevant information you need to know

Background check


We collaborate with agencies of all countries to carry out surveillances in Spain. Our agents have an extensive experience, so they will act with discretion and efficiency.

Process serving

Personal service of court documents such as claim forms, witness summonses, divorce petitions, bankruptcy petitions, injunctions and squatters proceedings. Our team of private investigators holds extensive expertise

Process serving
Well and alive check

Well and alive check

Our team of private detectives in Spain conducts an alive and well check to confirm the relevant information

We are partners of the world’s major associations of detectives

World Association of Detectives Inc.
International Police Association
Council International of Investigators
Asis International
Col·legi oficial de detectius privats de Catalunya
Colegio oficial de detectives privados de la Comunidad Valenciana