The Alive & Well Check In Spain service consists of the verification by a private detective that a person residing in Spain is actually alive. This verification cannot be carried out directly by the person requesting it, since the applicant resides outside of Spanish territory and, for obvious logistical reasons, it is not possible for him to confirm it himself.

Alive & well Check in commercial agreements

​One of the most common cases in which the services of a private detective are usually requested is the sudden disappearance of a person residing in Spain with whom an international business relationship is being maintained.

Said business relationship is suddenly interrupted and for no apparent reason. Therefore, from the country with which the business relationship is maintained, the action of a private detective in Spain is requested to help clarify the situation.

Alive & well check for lifetime disability insurance

This service is usually requested from the insurance company to confirm that the person is in the state of health and under the medical treatment that he claims or if, on the contrary, he is enjoying economic benefits from the insurance that do not apply to him. The same is true for family members, who may be receiving periodic compensation long after the beneficiary family member has died.

The main data that the private detective usually collects are: confirmation of her health status and job occupation; personal information such as telephone, family and place of residence; as well as a report on the activities carried out in the person’s day-to-day life. Likewise, a questionnaire tailored to the client can be detailed on other aspects that the applicant wishes to know.

In these cases, private detective companies seek a face-to-face encounter with the person or discreetly investigate through their neighbors. As we also do at Agency World, private detectives focus their knowledge, skills, and experience in all areas of workers’ compensation insurance investigations.