What is a background check

​The background check is one of the main services offered by Agency World to clients located outside of Spain, whether they are companies or individuals.

The main purpose of a background check is to verify or confirm that a person is who he says he is.

The background check can be a very useful tool to aid decision-making in multiple situations: from a job application to buying a firearm to searching for a rental. To confirm an identity, different antecedents will be analyzed as necessary, such as criminal records, education, work history…

Types of background checks

​As we anticipated in the previous paragraph, there are several types of background checks that are applied depending on the situation that you want to verify. Here are the most common types of background checks:

Employment background checks

Employment background checks are often used at the time of applying for a job. Employers are interested in obtaining this type of verification to ensure that the person they hire is who they say they are and does not pose any threat to the company.

To a lesser extent this check can also be used to keep track of already hired employees, requiring recurring drug tests or criminal background checks in order to protect the workplace.

Criminal Background Checks

​The criminal background check allows to know the criminal activity that a person may have had throughout her life, including from violent or blood crimes to embezzlement.

As mentioned in the previous point, this type of verification can be requested for the employment contract or in other situations in which it is lawful to have such information, such as an adoption, incorporation into military service or the purchase of a firearm, among others …

Verification of digital identity

​The verification of digital identity aims to connect the real identity with the digital one in those cases in which it is necessary to open a new account in a service.

For this, multiple verifications are carried out, such as the validation of the telephone and email, the geolocation of the person to be verified and the analysis of their social networks (Social Network Analysis). Thanks to automated solutions, verification can be done in less than half a minute with almost 100% reliability.

Credit check

​The credit check or credit report is often used by owners of a rental apartment to confirm that their future tenant will be able to pay the rent on time.