In today’s article we will talk about security in events through the use of non-uniformed security services, an activity that Spanish private detective agencies can carry out, thanks to the legal coverage offered by laws 23/1992 and 05/2014 .

Type of events covered by camouflaged security in Spain

​Non-uniformed or camouflaged security guarantees that any event can be carried out with full guarantees in a wide range of situations, from a presentation or private incentive trip to large public events.

In this sense, non-uniformed event security can help cover an act of presentation of a new high-end product, in which case the presence of the camouflaged private detective is required exclusively to avoid any incident during the act itself, from the reception of the guests until the closing and total evacuation of the room in which the presentation takes place.

Another event with different characteristics is that of incentive trips to Spain. In this case, the camouflaged private detective offers a comprehensive accompaniment service that includes everything from hotel transportation to the different points that the assistants will visit throughout the different days, including travel, to monitoring the events in which the assistants have planned to participate.

In all cases, taking into account the importance of both the event and the guests, maximum discretion is required at the security level and the need to avoid uniforms that can cause any distraction.

Responsibilities of the private detective camouflaged in events

* We carry out contracts with our clients with security functions tending, through inquiries and investigations, to the normal development of the activities that take place in the area in which we are hired, without distinctive or external identification.
* We do not need prior authorization from Private Security, but we are listed as REGISTERED in the Registry of Private Detectives of the D.G.P.
* We identify ourselves when necessary or at your request before citizens or authorities with our TIP
* We have our Professional Civil Liability insurance.
* By having a specific scope of action, we apply occupational risk plans to our Detectives in accordance with the instructions of our clients.
* We actively and complementary collaborate with the assigned security company.

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