In what cases is it necessary to locate people in Spain?

According to data provided by the Security Forces and Bodies, 22,285 reports of missing persons were registered in Spain throughout 2021, which represents an increase of 21.5% compared to 2020.

The need to find a missing person can occur both in relatives or acquaintances in our environment, and in strangers who, for whatever reason, we need to locate.

The reasons for the disappearance can be multiple. From adolescents under the age of 18 who run away from home and who, on numerous occasions, return after a few days, to elderly people who leave the residence due to mental illness, passing through residents of other nationalities who, being in Spain, stop giving signs of life.

How to locate people in Spain?

The most effective method to locate a person in Spain is to hire a detective agency that, as happens in Agency World, has the means, tools and access to the appropriate databases that allow a person to be found. disappeared in Spain, regardless of the town or city in which it is found.

But beyond relying fully on databases, an agency like Agency World, with 30 years of extensive experience in the sector, has the most appropriate methodology to solve the complex mission of finding people in Spain with guarantees, especially when they do not want to be located.

In addition, specifically at Agency World we also have extensive experience at an international level, with the ability to coordinate with agencies or clients residing outside of Spain who wish to locate missing persons in our country.

Reasons to locate missing persons in Spain from abroad

Judicial notifications: The delivery of a judicial notification is usually decisive in the resolution of certain judicial cases. For this reason, it is key to find a person whose residence has changed without being recorded, either by omission or by the will of the person who does not wish to be located.

Debtors: Pursuing a debtor internationally can be a very complicated task that is not usually solved thanks to databases. These are generally people who try to hide in Spain due to debts or pending legal proceedings in other countries. Therefore, the information provided by the client can become essential to resolve the case, even the most irrelevant.

Lost relatives: Despite the proliferation of social networks, there are also numerous cases of relatives established in Spain who disappear without a trace.

In any of these cases, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you without obligation and keep you informed at all times throughout the investigation.